Application of p-tert-butyl phenol

P-tert-butyl phenol is an important intermediate in organic synthesis. The main uses are: used as an improver for the production of alkyd resin; Used as cutting oil, lubricating oil additive; Used as polypropylene nucleating agent; Used as a food preservative; Regulator of polyester polymerization; Barium salt, sodium salt, zinc salt can be used as a polyethylene stabilizer; Can also be used in automobile deodorant additives, oral drug outer film, alloy preservatives, lubricating additives, polypropylene nucleating agent, PVC heat stabilizer, metal processing cutting fluid, antioxidant, alkyd resin improver, flux, dye and new sunscreen; Also used in the production of p-tert-butyl phenol methyl ester, widely used in chemical synthesis, cosmetics, fragrance and other industries.

Post time: Feb-20-2023