Brief introduction to p-tert-butylphenol

P-tert-butyl phenol white crystal, flammable, with a slight phenol odor. Melting point 98-101℃, boiling point 236-238℃, 114℃ (1.33kPa), relative density 0.908 (80/4℃), refractive index 1.4787. Soluble in acetone, benzene, methanol, slightly soluble in water. Can evaporate with water vapor.

Preparation of p-tert-butylphenol 1. It is prepared from phenol and isobutene with cation exchange resin as catalyst. 2. Prepared by reaction of phenol with diisobutene. In addition to tert-butylphenol, p-octylphenol is also produced in the reaction process. 3. The finished product was obtained by the reaction of phenol and tert-butanol after washing, crystallization, centrifugal separation and drying.

Use of p-tert-butyl phenol 1. Used in oil soluble phenolic resin, and formaldehyde condensation can get a variety of applications of products. In the chloroprene adhesive mixed 10-15% of the product, to obtain soluble resin, this kind of adhesive is mainly used in transportation, construction, civil, shoe-making, etc. In printing ink, can be used for rosin modification, offset printing, advanced photogravure and so on. In the insulation varnish, can be used in coil dip varnish and laminate varnish. 2. Used for polycarbonate production, as phosgene polycarbonate reaction termination agent, adding amount of 1-3% of resin. 3. Used for epoxy resin, xylene resin modification; As polyvinyl chloride stabilizer, surfactant, UV absorber. 4. It has antioxidant properties and can be used as a stabilizer for rubber, soap, chlorinated hydrocarbons and nitrocelluloses. It is also a raw material of insect repellent (medicine), acaricide acaride (pesticide) and plant protection agent, fragrance, synthetic resin, and can also be used as softener, solvent, dye and paint additive. It can also be used as the ingredient of demulsifier for oil field and additive for vehicle oil.

Post time: Feb-20-2023