P-tert-butylphenol is used as an antioxidant and stabilizer

The condensates of p-tert-butylphenol and barium sulfide, widely used as additives for oils and fats, are condensed with sulfur dichloride or sulfur monochloride to produce dialkylphenol sulfide and polyalkylphenol sulfide which can be used as corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. This product is also used as rubber, soap, chlorinated hydrocarbons, nitrocelluloose stabilizer. And raw materials used as polyvinyl chloride stabilizers. The disubstitution of tert-butylphenol can be used in the production of antioxidant, textile flame retardant, preparation of pesticide emulsifier, etc.
The application of p-tert-butyl phenol is very extensive, and more products can be developed through deep processing. At present, quite a number of products have been applied in industry, some of which are in urgent need of development and application. At present, pure phenolic resin with high softening point has been produced in China. Relevant research departments should immediately start to develop new technological formula of neoprene adhesives, so as to meet the needs of users as soon as possible and reverse the situation of imported adhesives.

Post time: Feb-20-2023