P-tert-butyl phenol CAS No. 98-54-4

P-tert-butyl phenol CAS No. 98-54-4

Short Description:

English abbreviation: PTBP
Molecular formula Molecular formula: C10H14O
Molecular weight: 150.22

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Product description

A. Name of Chinese and English
Product name: p-tert-butyl phenol
English name: Para-tert-butyl-phenol
English abbreviation: PTBP
B. Molecular formula: C10H14O
Molecular weight: 150.22
C.correlative coding:
UN encoding:3077
CA registration number: 98-54-4
Customs code: 2907199090

chemical composition



high-class products

conforming article


White sheet solid

P-tert-butylphenol mass fraction,% ≥



freezing point,℃≥





Product use

This product is used for polycarbonate resin, tert-butyl phenolic resin, epoxy resin modification, xylene resin modification, polyvinyl chloride stabilizer, but also used as ultraviolet absorbent, pesticide, rubber, paint and other anti-cracking agents, lubricating oil antioxidant, dispersant, lubricant, detergent, accelerant and styrene stabilizer, dye and paint additives and industrial insect repellent.

Production method

Alkylation of phenol and isobutene.

Physical and chemical characteristics

In the standard state, it is white flake crystal, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alkali, soluble in ethanol, but also soluble in methanol, acetone, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, and can be hydrogenated. It has a slight phenol odor and toxic, and its relative density (114℃, molten state) is 0.908. Boiling point 239.8oC; Flash point 97oC; Ignition point is about 355oC; Viscosity (cp100oC)3.00.

Storage and Transportation conditions

During transportation, avoid the sun and rain. Transportation tools should be clean and dry. They should be stored in warehouses with appropriate temperature and avoid light and dry.

Toxicity and Protection

This product belongs to chemical poisoning. It has irritating effect on eyes, skin and mucous membrane. Skin contact can cause dermatitis and burn danger. Inhalation, contact with nose, eyes or ingestion should be sent to hospital for treatment. The product is toxic and can be burned in open fire. Heat decomposition gives off toxic gas; It has a special irritating smell. When operating, you must wear protective equipment, rubber gloves and other labor protection products, and stay away from open flame, pay attention to prevent poisoning.

Packing Specifications

Lined with polypropylene film, coated with light-resistant paper bag, net weight 25Kg/ bag.


Used to produce oil soluble phenolic resins, light stabilizers and fragrances.


This product is white or white flake solid at room temperature. It is flammable but not flammable. It has special alkyl phenol odor. Soluble in alcohol, esters, alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic solvents, such as ethanol, acetone, butyl acetate, gasoline, toluene, soluble in strong alkali solution, slightly soluble in water. This product has the common characteristics of phenolic substances, in contact with light, heat, contact with air, color gradually deepened.

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